Urban nomadism, guided tours and cultural services for Responsible Tourism in Naples.

We offer custom made walking Tours designed for you, interactive games, Heritage days and narrated itineraries in Naples and Campania Region. Our tours are all built on the idea of walking as a creative experience and conceived to make you live an experience dedicated to the economical and social solidarity.

We did not seek the formula for overturning the world in books, but in wandering
Guy Debord
You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.
Italo Calvino, "Invisible Cities"

Walkaboutnaples designes fair trade tours including meals in social restaurants built on confiscated goods seized from organised crime. Walkaboutnaples doesn’t provide accomodation and bus service but, on request, can contact with travel agencies which will take on the technical organization of your requirements.

Our manifesto

Walkabout is the name given to the ancient aboriginal initiation ritual which involved a long hike across the indigenous land of Australia. It was known as a rite of passage where male Aborigine adolescents would embark on a journey into the wilderness, sometimes for as long as six months. This long journey, taken through the Australian Outback, had a very strong spiritual value, since each path traced was associated with a ritual song and each song associated with a myth. Furthermore, it would open up new trade and communication routes with neighbouring communities. The British writer Bruce Chatwin named the roads and the footpaths system walked by the Aboriginal peoples “Songlines”...
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We support responsible tourism in Campania Region

We create an economic network of social projects

We promote the reuse of confiscated goods seized from organised crime