Il nostro manifesto

Walkabout is the name given to the ancient aboriginal initiation ritual which involved a long hike across the indigenous land of Australia. It was known as a rite of passage where male Aborigine adolescents would embark on a journey into the wilderness, sometimes for as long as six months. This long journey, taken through the Australian Outback, had a very strong spiritual value, since each path traced was associated with a ritual song and each song associated with a myth. Furthermore, it would open up new trade and communication routes with neighbouring communities. The British writer Bruce Chatwin named the roads and the footpaths system walked by the Aboriginal peoples “Songlines”, which represented a non- cartographic map of the landscape the traveller used to draw along the way with the only help of his own orientation. Step by step he would build a new spiritual map.

The world reveals itself to those who walk on foot Werner Herzog

Unlike the Aboriginal nomadism, in today's urban context we find prearranged metropolitan itineraries. The structure of a city and its conceivable routes have been designed by architects and city planners and usually they follow the traffic flow, the shopping routes, the work streets and the mass tourism itineraries. Escaping from this predetermined order - from the city plan we have inherited, which we have been forced to accept, for better or for worse - means to open a window which might give us the chance to redefine the urban space with its unlimited routes and interpret it critically with an original and personal approach, and enrich it with new unexpected meanings. We are for a slow tourism, a tourism made of people not things, a tourism which promotes and supports the territory, we are for a tourism willing to experience, to listen, to tell and share stories, to play, to walk and sometimes to get lost.

Not to find one's way around a city does not mean much. But to lose one's way in a city, as one loses one's way in a forest, requires some schooling. Walter Benjamin

What WalkaboutNaples offers is not simply guided tours or theme-based routes but strong life experiences related to a solidarity network which considers the tourist traveller to be part of the social, civil, economic and cultural change on the territory. The contradictory beauty of Naples, its wandering soul and diversified culture will be our lab where to play interactive games, take narrated tours and responsible tourism tours, and attend workshops dedicated to the promotion of italian excellence. Through this experiences WalkaboutNaples aims to give you a new vision of the city, way far from any fictional stereotype, showing you that in Naples and in Campania region the creation of a society based on the synergy between entrepreneurship and cultural activities, social and economic development, the need for new workplaces alongside the desire of a more fair and equal future is possible and real.