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WalkaboutNaples is a project by Visiterre, in cooperation with FormAzione Viaggio and Comitato Don Peppe Diana, which offers a new and different way of travelling and exploring following the priciples of responsible tourism. Visiterre is part of a wider project called La RES - Rete di Economia Sociale which aim is to promote an integrated local growth model based on the infrastructure of social economy. The project, in partnership with 32 public and private subjects, is promoted by Comitato don Peppe Diana, which is an APS made up by around fifty social subjects like cooperatives, associations and institutions all united in the memory and teaching of Don Peppe Diana, the priest from Casal di Principe shot down by Camorra in 1994. Visiterre is born to tell his own story through the places he worked for and the words of the witnesses who, following his example, have decided to become part of the big change and transform “the lands of Camorra” in “the lands of Don Peppe Diana”.

WalkaboutNaples is a side project of Visiterre which aim is to combine the journey to Don Peppe Diana’s land with new responsible tourism routes, in order to promote the local cultural heritage, create job opportunities and support the community and its social projects through honesty and mutual help thanks to tourists.


We want to build a sustainable business network in order to grow an economy that is local and fair and support social innovation projects. Creiamo un circuito economico etico - fondato sull’esperienza del viaggio - che premi le realtà virtuose del territorio, sostenga le cooperative impegnate nel riutilizzo dei beni confiscati e finanzi con una quota di viaggio progetti di innovazione sociale.


Make this Region a place where to stay.